Travel, Race, and Bust

I have not written lately, but thoughts of blog entries go through my mind sometimes when I am running.  I might have written about foot strike, especially on uneven terrain; running with others; indoor nationals (which I did not attend); my nagging Achilles tendon (which is doing well); heel spur syndrome (which is not an issue, lately); experiencing change of seasons as a runner.  Maybe those just don’t sound so interesting.  Recent races, however, interest me for now.

Travel weary but race hungry, I look back at a few recent exploits and think to myself, “Why do I do this?”

I wonder why I like to travel far away to race when there are races closer to home, albeit less interesting, that would be much easier and cheaper to do.  I wonder why I tend to plan for a longer vacation when, in fact, I know that I will not be able to afford a longer vacation that includes a race, visiting relatives, and seeing all kinds of interesting sites, thus settling for just the race and a bunch of time in a car.  I wonder why I expect a certain race performance when I’ve just spent hours–a whole day–driving to the race, with little or no time to recover from the drive.  I wonder why I want to spend all of my money to race.

I’m not sure I have any answers.  I do know that being stuck somewhere, or feeling stuck at home makes me unhappy.  Travelling to interesting places makes me feel better.  I know that every time I race, I feel ready to do the race over again very soon, or to race another race as soon as possible.  I like to travel to beautiful natural areas, and prefer that my races are in or near those areas.

I’ll probably write about my recent races in a few days.


About riverlaketrail

As a kid, one of my favorite things was to run through the woods--no trails--jumping and ducking, cutting and swerving, pretending to be a deer or wolf. After a few hours, I'd go home dirty, hungry, happy. I don't pretend I'm a deer anymore, but I still enjoy the sensation of running.
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1 Response to Travel, Race, and Bust

  1. Looking forward to hearing about your travels and recent races. I have many of those same questions. Most of my friends and I tend to build our vacations around our out of state races. Just going somewhere and relaxing sounds, well, kind of boring. If you can’t run, why bother, and if you can run a race there, even better! Other than trail races, I plan to run more smaller marathons in scenic locations. Big city marathons don’t interest me much anymore (even though I am running Marine Corps later in the year, but that’s more because a friend asked me to run it with them).

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