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As I Lay Dreaming

I have not written lately, but not for lack of things running through my mind. Indeed, writing about running, paddling, or nature seems unimportant most of the time. That’s not to say that those things are unimportant. I decided to … Continue reading

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Tri Again Next Year

More than four years ago I put on my ‘to do’ list a triathlon with a twist.  The twist is that instead of swimming the first leg, competitors paddle kayaks on the partly brackish waters of the Tar River before it drains into … Continue reading

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A Canoe Runs Through It

In my oldest memory of paddling a canoe I was probably five years of age, already familiar with having been in a canoe, excited to be entrusted with the little sculling paddle so I could help explore the lake.  Dad … Continue reading

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Coastal Zone

Maybe the name of this blog should contain the word ‘ocean’ or ‘coast’.  From time to time I’m struck by an intense longing for the ocean, or at least its coastline.  Although I have never been farther out to sea than … Continue reading

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A Stream Surrounded By Woods

One of the best places to spend time is in a stream surrounded by woods.  Any size stream is nice, especially if it has rapids.  Most of the time it’s not the rapids themselves that I love so much as … Continue reading

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